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Vinca is a bookkeeping data entry system that makes honesty easier!


It is designed to reduce the variety and frequency of bookkeeping input errors that may be difficult to detect, enabling even relatively inexperienced data-entry personnel to efficiently create records your accountants can trust.


Vinca is powered by Oost & Voort Inc — Blockchain and Cloud solutions


Great Features for Vinca Standalone


Easily record vouchers and bills online. Customized to have an EWT (Expanded Withholding Tax) linked to a specific account type.


Designed to capture the contact supplier for proper VAT filing.

Vinca Scan App

Upload receipts and create vouchers easily by just taking photos using a smartphone and it automatically uploads to a specific voucher.

Export Feature

Downloadable voucher report and DAT file which is required by the BIR in the Philippines.

Vinca Check

Print check in most efficient way. No more manual writing of check

Attach Files to Data

Upload your receipts and other supporting files in Vinca for easy access anywhere

Approver Feature

Notify all approvers or certain approver everytime there is pending for approval transaction from maker. 

Expense Performance Dashboard

Get a full up-to-date view of status of bills and vouchers. Allows user to see what is in draft/ for approval/ authorized/paid. 


Print checks in most efficient way.
No more manual writing of checks

Vinca-Xero Integration is user-friendly that even no accounting knowledge will find it easy to manage their books as it transforms some of the most standardized and complex financial concept into an enjoyable journey.

With the greater features offered by Vinca in exporting VAT relief and EWT will make your compliance in the Philippines easy.